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Eiyma’s journey has certainly become an inspiration to the new generation of entrepreneurs and especially to women who want to make a difference in their business development in the beauty, cosmetics and nutrition industry.


Now, Eiyma is starting to refocus into a more significant role by encouraging new entrepreneurs and start-ups to pursue ‘Halal’ beauty, cosmetics and nutrition business in Malaysia and ultimately, create more jobs and better livelihoods for Malaysians. With a “Malaysia Boleh” or Malaysia can-do attitude, Eiyma will be offering her “voice” professional advice, sharing her expertise and know-how to individuals, organizations, corporation, business groups and investors.


Please connect with Eiyma today if you are looking to engage Eiyma Jalil in giving talks, offer corporate advice or foster strategic collaborations in the field of building ‘Halal’ beauty, cosmetics and nutrition business. Please write your request under ‘Let’s Collaborate’ tab to reach out.

Class Starts


Eiyma’s leadership is to stay humble, be a great communicator, always stay open-minded and to respect or value other’s constructive opinion. As a leader, she believes in steering her team to the right direction and guiding them at the most appropriate timing. One of her main objective is to nurture and grow others; becoming a role model and inspire women to have the courage to pursue their dreams.

For Beauty Seekers


Professional beauticians knows that choosing the right skin serum it's key to skin perfection. 'Skin Serum 101' talks about active ingredients for specific skin types.


Medical Source recently caution usage of talcum powder which may have talc' as part of it's ingredient; as talc may have long term correlation with health complications. We learned that it is about getting the "right talc content" and approved with the right certification.


With climate change and extreme heat, sunscreen is a good solution for our skin. Best sunscreens comes with formula with broad-spectrum protection againts UVA & UVB rays, high level of SPF & water resistance.

For Health Enthusiast

Vaginal Rejuvenation Tratement

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment can be described as vaginal corrective procedure. Today, modern women are realistic to address the common symptoms and, they choose to learn, understand the scientifically approved treatments available in order to achieve a happier health status.

The “Magical” Rockmelon to Combat Stress And Anxiety

Some foods are just essential for both the maintenance and advancement of one's mental health. Check out how a "magical" rockmelon can be one of the essential food which can help combat stress and anxiety.

For Big Bosses

Praying For Blessings In Time Of Need

We understand life has it's ups and downs. But, we know prayers can make a difference. Whatever situation you're in, we invite you to pray for blessings. Never give up and have faith.

Selling Product Value, Not Push Sales

Ever ask yourself why your product is not selling well even with so much sales efforts? Here's some tips from Eiyma Jalil and why redefining 'Product Value' is important.

Trusted Factory

In the business world, it is an opportunity and also, a challenge for some. Check out what you need to know before you jump into a partnership or supporting a vendor. Your choice of a trusted factory will create sustainability.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders:


Find out if your business can solve other's problem


Your business should be offbeat than the rest of competitors


Find out if your business can solve other's problem


Your business should be offbeat than the rest of competitors

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Guest speaker

Need a business leader or successful women entreprenuer invited as the next Guest Speaker, reach out to Eiyma Jalil. You will be thrilled by her impactful talk and advice.

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Brand collabs

Fostering strategic collaboration can help escalate a business growth or expansion. If you have the passion in the field of building 'Halal' beauty, cosmetics and nutrition business, the award winner - Eiyma Jalil will be the best person to connect with.