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Balanced Lifestyle

After a long day, Eiyma and her hubby, Azizi Mohd’s car swerves into their home...they are finally back home.

Oh yes...it’s family time for this lovely young family of five members.

Eiyma’s definition of a ‘Balanced Lifestyle’ is committed to being a good mother, wife and businesswoman. She is adamant that no matter how busy can be, her professionalism at the workplace does not mix with quality time with her husband and children.


And, Eiyma understands it takes a lot of discipline and dedication in wearing the different hats to juggle smartly as a woman who is also a high achiever. A balanced life to Eiyma is about making every moment count and living a purposeful life without compromising time for her loved ones especially on weekends or when taking a vacation while staying focused with her responsibility as a business leader on weekdays or when the company’s scheduled events requires her engagement.


I guess one do not need to fix time but more importantly, to balance time!


Nothing Without Health



In Eiyma’s own words, “success is nothing without health” due to her personal experience. It was a big scare for her entire family when her father had a heart bypass at the age of 40 and to see this at a very young age.


Even though it has been many years, this experience did not go away. From then on, Eiyma is extremely cautious and takes health and wellness seriously knowing that it may impact family members or loved ones.


With this in mind, Eiyma also took the initiative to deep-dive into acquiring knowledge on health, wellness and nutrition; which later became a part of her business in producing nutritious products with the objective to helping others stay healthy.


Ideas and activities on staying healthy :

Rest and Relax

Rest and relax in your own little space with a ‘beauty mask’. What a nice way to refresh your mind and uplift your facial health

Drink Up

Drink a soothing cup of your favourite nutritional beverage – hot or cold. Relaxes you pretty well and perhaps, it helps detox your body too.

Take a Break

from the social media platform or even online entertainment with too much gamification. Set a certain level of boundaries allows mental wellbeing to refresh and enjoy quality sleep

Zen Time

Zen out in your own state-of-mind. Try yoga or listen to your favourite music. Everyone needs to distress at times and it’s a healthy way to stay calm.

Get Sporty

Consider taking up your favourite sports – badminton, tennis, cycling, fishing or just enjoy a quick round of sweat-out at the gym. For sure, it helps build up a healthy brain and avoid obesity.

Furry Friend

Have a pet. It’s never boring to have your favourite “fluffy” around and needing your attention. So, no more lonely days...

Fashion…Simple Is Elegant

With Eiyma, her fashion style portrays her lifestyle where it reflects, “Simple Is Elegant”. The fact that she is a very busy businesswoman of 2 companies, an entrepreneur, a mother to three beautiful children of five, seven and twelve in their respective ages, a wife, she prefers a working wardrobe which is less complicated and not heavily accessorized with chunky jewellery.

It’s amazing if one were to zoom in the camera lens on Eiyma; you can feel the sense of her simplicity, confidence and courage which can already fulfil her personal brand positioning, easily overshadowing the fashion piece and far more relevant in today’s world. As a new generation of leader and established businesswoman, she believes it’s important to stay professional and approachable to others at all times.


And, with Eiyma’s expertise in her own line of high quality ‘halal’ beauty products and cosmetics, it’s easy to lift-up her external beauty